Planting, Turf & Soil

Soil preparation including conditioning and mulching.  Every garden should at least be treated to this service to assist in maintaining soil moisture levels, improve soil structure and to reduce erosion and weeds.

Supply and planting of tube stock through to large established trees. 
Plant selection is based on the style and theme of your new garden, hardiness and suitability for the climate and conditions of your geographical area.  We will discuss with you using any favourite types of vegetat
ion you have seen.

Implementation of vegetable gardens or chicken coops.

We deal only with reputable wholesale growers and suppliers accessing the highest quality stock and products available.

Identification of State prohibited weeds, these can be a serious threat to Victoria’s waterways, agricultural land and biodiversity.  The community and industry can be important partners in achieving eradication of these noxious weeds. 

All types of turf including:

  1. Bulletwarm and cool season grasses

  2. Bulletinstant and seeded grasses

  3. Bulletlawn substitutes/synthetic grass

Choosing the right lawn for the right application requires consideration of the type of traffic using the area, the level of sunlight/shade, soil type, climate and level of maintenance desired.