Development Process

Stephen Graham Landscaping provides free estimates and planning advice to our clients.  We will meet with you on location where we can discuss your project in depth and identify any opportunities presented whilst inspecting the site.  We will ask you lots of questions and endeavour to provide you with some great ideas.

With your desired outcome in mind we will take a survey of existing site constraints such as the location of structures, plants/trees that are to remain or otherwise, undulation of the land, drainage, soil type and site access.  We will take into consideration your working budget and timeline.  During our on site consultation we will take relevant measurements and photographs to prepare an existing conditions sketch and create a concept scheme.

A second appointment will be scheduled to present our written quotation for your review.   This is a consultative opportunity to provide feedback whilst considering budget costings and construction staging options, allowing for any modifications to enable the project to be completed within your budget and time frame.

We can advise you on the necessary permits your projects will require and assist you in obtaining Council approval or obtain the permits on your behalf.

Permits will be obtained (if required) and all relevant services ie gas/telephone/water records will be investigated.  If required, insurance will be offered.

Upon accepting the quotation we will schedule a commencement date and advise you on the duration.  The commencement date and duration will obviously be approximate as working outdoors we are sometimes subject to delays caused by inclement weather.

When we have completed your project we are only a phone call away.  We will leave with you some tips on the most effective way to care for your exciting new garden/project whether it be maintaining your new paving/decking, caring for your new lawn, operating your watering feature/system or caring for your plants.

Things to consider prior to the initial appointment are your lifestyle, practical needs/use of space, aesthetics and budget.   It is important to understand why we appreciate our clients giving us a guide to their budget, for example, a garden bed can be planted with tube stock or established feature plants, paving can be quality stone or cheaper concrete blocks, surfaces can be laid on sand with joints also filled with sand or a steel reinforced wet cement base finished with a wet mortar, seed or instant lawn.  These are only some of the examples where large price difference may occur.  We invest a lot of time quoting for our clients and rather than do all of this work to a price point that is never going to suit the client it is a better outcome for both of us if we are on the same page to begin with.  I do understand this is a sensitive issue and it is difficult for clients to know what things cost but we hope to work together and build a trusting relationship and we would not have been in business for over 20 years if we took advantage of our clients and over quoted our work.

Should you have any house or site plans obviously these would be very helpful but are by no means a requirement. 

Please note:

If you already have a landscape plan we will happily co-ordinate with your landscape architect/garden designer to complete the construction of your project.




Site Analysis

Design Development

Second Consultation